Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Confessions of a "Bling" Queen

Ok. So I have been reading many of your blogs and enjoying getting to know each of you much better. I love this blogging thing! I recently read a wonderful entry from a dear friend about warts. I also read a moving tribute--or embarrassing expose'--from a loving spouse celebrating her sweetheart's birthday. So I have decided it is time to reveal a little more about myself...I hope that it isn't too shocking!

I confess...I LOVE TO SPARKLE!!! I love things that sparkle: water, pretty rocks of the colored and clear variety, elegant windows...anything that catches the light and sends it back even brighter...especially if it disperses the light into rainbows. From the time I was young, I loved wearing jewelry because it made me sparkle. Over the years I have collected many different styles and types of rings, bracelets, necklaces,and ear rings. I even own a toe ring (which I never thought I would like, but I do). This "collecting" has prompted my husband to give me such nick names as "Bling Queen" and "Nique Freak" (because a large part of my collection is Diamonique simulated stones from QVC--yes, they aren't real, but they sparkle really bright!) and most recently, I have started collecting loose gemstones in bulk parcels. I love to see them sparkle under the light. I could spend hours gazing into a stone and watching as the light plays from one angle to another. I am fascinated by how the sparkle in a stone is directly related to how it is cut or faceted.

When a gemstone is faceted, either real or synthetic, it first comes in what is known as a piece of rough. Someone who is familiar with cutting the gemstone evaluates the rough and determines the best way to cut it to maximize the beauty of the stone. Then it is placed at precise angles against a cutting blade. This process is repeated over and over again until the shape of the stone is achieved. If there is even the slightest error, the ability of the stone to reflect light can be compromised.

All gemstones have imperfections in them, which are called inclusions. Depending on the stone, these can be tolerated to a certain degree such as with emeralds and rubies. As a general rule, the cleaner or less included the stone, the more valuable and desireable it is. Gemstones are sorted and categorized based on their clarity as well as other factors.

So as not to bore you with other details related to gemstones, I will get to my point...There a many different shapes and patterns in which gemstones can be cut but the most familiar cut is the round brilliant shape which consists of 57 facets cut into a round shaped stone. Recently, some of the top jewelry designers have started using stones that are cut with 100 facets. These stones give off even more sparkle and shine. I recently purchased a pair of ear rings and a ring that had simulated stones which were cut into 100 facets. They are beautiful! They really do shine better than the others.

The process to facet a gemstone is not easy on the stone. Some stones of lesser quality break as they are cut and shaped. As I examine the challenges I have had in my life, I can see the hand of the Lord cutting facets so as to shape me into a stone which produces more light. Each time I study the scriptures, follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost, or internalize another gospel priciple, I am cutting a new facet. As I endure well the adversity that comes into my life, I am polishing those facets. Taking advantage of the Atonement and repenting of my sins reduces my inclusions. I am thankful that the Master Cutter knows exactly which angle to place me against the blade to yeild the most effect light reflecting surface. As I allow myself to be guided, I can become the sparkling and light reflecting body that I desire to be.

So when you see me wearing my pretty stones, two things are true...if they are clear they are simulated (because I can't afford the real thing--nor would I pay that much for it if I could), and...they are always cleaned so they sparkle and shine as brightly as they can. So now you know...I am a "Bling" Queen!


Papa D said...

I wish everyone could understand trials to be the faceting force you describe.

Fwiw, you sparkle without the bling.

Leslie said...

What a beautiful analogy, from such a beautiful person! Thank you!

Patty said...

What a great way to think of the "polishing" that we each have to go through. I sure hope by the time I'm done here on earth that I'll be all sparkly too!