Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall Fell

So last night I was channel surfing and found this great show on the travel channel about unique McDonald's restaurants throughout the world. I knew about the beginnings of the fast food chain and how Ray Crock transformed the way we think about food. The show told of a man who has eaten at almost 12000 different McDonald's restaurants. He even plans trips based on which ones he has not visited---now that is a real Big Mac Attack!

I was amazed at how varied these restaurants were. I mean, naive as I am, I thought the point of a franchised restaurant chain was so that everything was the same, no matter where you were...Sylli me! The program highlighted a McDonalds in Sweden (which was on the Arctic Circle) that the drive thru window was specially designed for snowmobiles. The customers actually preferred eating on their vehicle in subzero temperatures---can't imagine that. Another McDonalds is shaped like a Happy Meal box--I think that one was in Orlando. There was one that is set up like a diner and you are seated at a booth or table, you place your order via a phone at the table and the waiter brings it out to you. They have the regular menu and also diner style dinners. There is a McDonalds out there shaped like a big barn and in the silo is a huge tube slide as part of the kids playland. The McDonald's on Broadway is four levels and is decorated like the backstage area of a playhouse. I could go on, but I won't...

So after watching this, I told Eric it made me want to go down the street to our not so fancy McDonalds and have dinner. You must understand that a couple of years ago we watched that movie--Supersize Me--and since then, we have not really eaten much in the way of fast food. So I was waxing nostalgic for the junk food of my youth.

Tonight we ate at McDonalds and I was quickly reminded why we don't eat there. I confess, I have been spoiled by my own (and Eric's) cooking. Which isn't really saying much about the quality of the food we ate. I ordered the Quarter Pounder with cheese meal and Eric had the Crispy Chicken Club meal. In the past we would have ordered one meal and another sandwich, split the fries, and I would have had water to drink, but I wanted the whole experience so we didn't skimp. I also bought one of the Happy Meal toys because I had to have a momento from the occaision besides the extra fat that would be going to my hips.

My quarter pounder was really done. Usually I like some juice in my beef, and this coupled with the crunchy bun made me glad Eric had brought over extra ketchup packets. After a couple bites of hamburger, I decided to open the Happy Meal toy. Now that was fun. It was from the new Bee Movie and was probably the best part of the dinner except for the company. Eric said his sandwich was also dry until he got to the mayo on the other end of the bun. As for the fries, whoever decided that they didn't need salt, decided to remove the flavor...again, thank goodness for ketchup.

I was just finishing my burger when I turned over the cardboard box in which it was served and found the lovely nutritional chart. My first thought was, "Who comes to McDonald's for a nutritious meal?" After reading that I had just ingested 510 calories which had 230 calories from fat, I picked up the fry holder and found the nutition chart for those as well. I won't even go into that one!!! Alas, poor Eric had a message on his that he would have to go to the McDonalds website to find out how nutritious his food was.

As we were leaving I placed my bee toy in my pocket and told Eric that I might want to get some more of them because they were cute. He said that we could just order the Happy Meal and give the food to the dog. I told him I didn't think I wanted the dog to have it. I am sure there are some of you out there that love McDonalds and I truly hope that I haven't offended you with my story...but the next time I wax nostalgic for junk food, I think I'll go to Wendy's.

And for those of you who know the Peanut Butter and Jelly song from Inside Out-Sharing Time Eric made up this new verse:

I am cholesterol and you are trans fat

And we go together on this crunchy little bun.

I remember the first time that I saw you

Lying in the grease before the cooking job was done....


lou said...

Well, I have to say that we do consume the McDonalds occasionally. Infact, we meet their dad at the Donalds in Dayton when they go to his house for the weekend. I do crave it now and then.
Katy wanted me to share with you that she ate at the largest McDonalds in the world, in Moscow, Russia. She'll have to share that experience with you sometime. Oh, and I ate (actually, I didn't eat, I bought drinks) at several McD's on Broadway this past summer. I never saw that one you mentioned. It was almost 100 degrees when I was there- I was just trying to find air conditioning - most of the stores just left their doors opened, so it wasn't much cooler inside than out !!!!!

Papa D said...

Wendy's rocks; McDonald's doesn't. 'Nuff said.

Mama D said...

That poem rocks! I prefer Penn Station when I eat fast food. Their fries are the BEST fast food fries I've ever had! And I agree, Wendy's rates higher than McD's on most food items (except ice cream and ironically fries, IMO).

Patty said...

Just about the only thing I ever get from McD's is their little cheeseburgers (or a Happy Meal) Somehow the memory of what they used to be like is almost always better than what I get. (There are the rare occasions when I get a nice fresh one- otherwise I'd probably never go there again!) Wendy's definitely ranks a lot higher in quality!!

chelle said...

I agree there are many other fast food places better than McD's. But, I too go there a lot! THey have the best kids toys and kids rule at our house. :D
I do love their grilled chicken sandwich. So, I don't suffer to much!