Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thankful...not Ranting

So if you read Eric's blog, you know about our recent car crisis. I thought I would take this opportunity to give you the other side of the story. So the car was fixed today, thanks to my great Dad who helped us out. Now, here is my response to The Man of Steel Leg...

The top ten reasons why our Kia is better than your die casts:

10-It gets you to church without getting your clothes dirty or your feet tired from walking.

9- In the winter, there is a heater.

8-In the summer, it has air conditioning.

7-It has only been in the shop for a serious repair 3 times (including this one) in the six years we have owned it.

6-It has 4 wheel drive so I can drive it in the snow...and the rain for that matter.

5-It can carry all the groceries I buy from Costco.

4-It doesn't care about global warming or fuel economy because it is an SUV.

3-It doesn't require a pit crew to fill it up with gasoline and clean the windsheild--(This is implied since your die casts are all race cars).

2-I fit perfectly in the driver's seat.

1-It takes me to work and home every day so that I can earn the money to keep the roof over your head and food on the table, not to mention, buy your die casts!


Papa D said...

Ooh, #1 simply flattens your hubby's irrelevant list. You go, girl!

Patty said...

Talk about looking at the bright side of needing car repairs!! Yet another list of things to add to our thankful lists!!

gordonfan said...

OK, OK, I concede on this one. I laid the gauntlet of challenge down and you picked it up and pummeled me with it. I guess though if I needed or wanted to get somewhere fast, I would hope to have something more than one of my fine die-cast cars available. And I will give credit where it is due, the Kia is running quite good now by low horsepower SUV standards. So I admit you got me on this one. Except for my #9 I'll argue that one with anyone.

gordonfan said...

Did I say I love you?

Papa D said...

"Did I say I love you?" I absolutely cracked up at that one!

heather said...

I love your list and really how can you argue after all those points. I'm glad your car is working I hate car problems!

Mama D said...

Being able to be grateful in the midst of (car) problems is a blessing in and of itself! Loved your list (and Eric's too), and the loving joking around between you two. Thanks for the smile!