Monday, December 3, 2007

Taking a moment to cheer: Hooray!!

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I usually try to have it done early in the season, but this year was difficult and I don't know why. Anyway, I am pleased to say that I am finished and looking forward to enjoying the wonderful holiday celebrations ahead. Last year at this time, I was finishing up making cards and mailing them out. This year, I haven't made any cards. I just haven't had the time. I may get to it, but it is really low on the priority list right now.

The RS lesson on Sunday was terrific and just what I needed to hear. I had already made the decision to simplify my life but was feeling a little guilty about not doing all the things I usually do at this time of year. After hearing the inspired lesson, I gave up the guilt.

Eric and I did go to the Festival of Lights this year. My sister, Debra, and her family came to visit over Thanksgiving weekend and we went with them. It was so much fun. We would love to go back and hope that the weather will permit us to do that. The Polar Express in 4D was neat. Eric called it a glorified theater trailer, because it was about 15 minutes long, but I enjoyed the experience and would do it again for the thrill of racing down that hill in the train. I also liked the snow coming down in the theater. It was really "cool".

I am starting early on my new years resolution to lose weight. 2008 is going to be an important year for me. I have a family reunion to attend in July and then my sisters and I, along with Bobbye are going on a "sister's adventure" together. More details later...suffice it to say that I need to get in shape so that I can really enjoy these two events. I was explaining my plan to a co-worker today and she asked if I had a membership at the YMCA. I told her that I didn't. (I had one for over a year and never went--how sad is that?!)

I explained to my friend that I didn't need the Y membership because I have every piece of exercise equipment that a fat person could ever want...Tae Bo video, Zumba DVDs, Yogabootyballet DVDs, I have the xl glider, ab scissor, the urban rebounder complete with workout videos, a treadmill and my most recent purchase was (much to Eric's dismay--but I have until 1/31/08 to return it if I don't use it) the air stepper--which is really cool and likely to be a keeper. Eric and I even worked out every week with a personal trainer for 5 years. It was great, but I didn't make a full commitment to the process of changing. (I won't even give you the list of diet books I have purchased) I started today with a simple mile walk. My hope is to work my way up to using the treadmill. And when the weight starts coming off, I hope to be able to start using the other things that just are not easy to do at my present weight. I will keep you posted on my progress.


Shayleen Lunt said...

If you ever need a walking partner (and since I live so close), I'm a willing participant! I gave up walking in August and would love to do it again.

Patty said...

It sounds like you'll be able to relax and enjoy most of the holiday season. What a blessing!
Way to go on starting your fitness goal- sometimes that first step can be the hardest! I'll be here rooting for you the whole way!

Mama D said...

Wow, being done with your shopping is an accomplishment! I've done that a few times over the years, and it's been great but doesn't always happen. However, we put a big dent in ours last Fri with the free babysitting at the church. Thanks, YW and leaders!

Good luck with your fitness goals. I'll be cheering for your success! All of you are going to (hopefully?) inspire me to do something about it, too.

Leslie said...

Way to go Sylvia!! I'm so proud of you!! Keep it up! Those sound like such fun events you have to look forward to. Good for you! We all need things to look forward to.

:P, corrie said...

Sylvia, you have always been one of my favorite people, I know you can do anything you put your mind to, you're simply amazing! Congratualations on being finished with your Christmas and more importanly, setting such a priority on health. You're inspiring me!

Have you seen Oprah & Bob Greene's Million Viewer Challange for weight loss? Check our for details. They're trying to help people take small steps that will be life changing. My mom & I are signing up.

Steve and Jamie said...

If you need some weight-loss buddies, there are a couple of us working together in the ward. It is hard this time of year especially. I've decided that I am a food addict. I wish I could cut cold-turkey, but that just doesn't work. That reminds me, turkey sounds good right now. . . Aaaahhh!

heather said...

I'm impressed your shopping is all done and you are making great goals. I have done neither and quite frankly neither is probably going to happen any time in the immediate future. I wish you luck!!