Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Is Over! --Now get to work!!!

Many of you know that I started a walking program in December. I must confess that I did really well unitl the week before Christmas. I think the stress of the holidays just really made it hard for me to stay focused. Thankfully, I got back on the wagon New Year's Eve. I woke up that morning and informed Eric that he was going to walk 1 mile with me, whether he liked it or not. It was a good thing, too, because we went to two parties that night and pigged out! We also stayed out way too late and when we did come home we stayed up until 2am watching tv...don't ask why--we don't know. Probably because of all the sugar we consumed.

Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed around 9am on New Years Day and commenced to cleaning off the desk in my office, which needed to be done before I could make any kind of resolutions. A little later on, Maura came over and we walked 2 miles together. This was too much fun! Then we went to work in my office, cleaning and clearing things out. After she left, I was feeling really good about what we had accomplished and I was able to sit down and think about my goals for 2008.

I got out a 3 ring binder and put a picture of a new Dodge Avenger (which is the car we plan to purchase this year if our finances will allow it) in the front and proceeded to write out my goals for the year. Then, I got another piece of paper and wrote down the action steps that I will do each day to meet my goals--this was inspired by a great talk on goals that was given in Sacrament Meeting last week--Thank you Jamie! I printed out calendar pages for each month in 2008, added them to the binder, and have been logging my progress each day.

I am proud to report that so far, I am on track--I know it is only the 4th, but I have actually been tracking my progress in walking since December. I am feeling comfortable with a 2 mile walk and am working on increasing the distance by a mile each month. My goal is to be at 195 pounds before the end of the year. The last time I weighed that was when I was in college which was more than 20 years ago. I am ready to do this and knowing that I have a family reunion this summer and a special trip in October with my sisters has given me the incentive. So next time you see me, ask me how I am doing. I will love to share my success.


Shayleen Lunt said...

Maybe one month you could add 75 lbs instead of a mile ;) That's about how much my double stroller and two kids weigh (my guess anyway). Great goals!

Papa D said...

and, Shaylene, with that extra 75 pounds you still weigh less than I do.

Congratulations, Sylli. I hope you reach your goal.

cassie said...

Props to you for your goals, I know it's a chore to get out there and walk everyday, but it's worth it. Good luck with the car too, I think we are outgrowing our 2dr chevy.

AJ said...

I love hearing others goals, thanks for sharing. I know you can do it, and I will ask you about your progress and we can share our success. You go girl!

ANTSYLLI said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Shayleen. I will have to try that. I guess since my focus is getting the weight off, I wasn't thinking about adding extra weight to do this. Good idea.
Papa, you are too funny.
Cassie, it is an indoor walking program. I will switch to outdoor walking when the weather gets nice.
Aj...thanks for the encouragement.

:P, corrie said...

to the tune from "Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dream Coat"

Go, go, go, Sylvia you know what they say, hang in there Sylvia you'll make it someday,

Sha Na Na Na Yeah, You'll make it today, Sha Na Na Na You can do it today!

If you call me, I'll sing it for you. Good Luck!

Patty said...

Great job Sylvia! Sounds like you're well on your way to reaching your goals!
Won't it be nice when the weather gets nice enough to walk outside again? I'm a wimp when it comes to freezing cold temps so I've been stuck on my elliptical for weeks and weeks already.
Would it be wrong to say to Shaylene that I already carry at least 50 extra pounds so I'd be overdoing it by adding a stroller??

Mama D said...

Great goals, and a great way to be organized and track your progress! Your positive attitude about being successful will go a long way toward helping you BE successful throughout the year!

Louann and Bari said...

You all make me sick !!! NO- not really. I have a really hard time keeping up with my personal exercise challenges. You Go Sylvia!!!
Somehow I need to make the walk from my back production room to the front design counter more effective!!

chelle said...

Sweet ride!! I hope everything goes according to plan and you are able to get it!
Way to go on the walking thing. You are making great strides to become a better you..if that is even possible! :D
Way to get Eric out there as well. It is too hard to go it alone. Glad you have some great friends to motivate and walk beside you.
Keep up the great work!!