Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sorry I Was Away So Long

Hello friends,

After the holidays, my life got really hectic. I was focused on my goals and work has been absolutely crazy so the last thing I wanted to do after coming home was sit in front of a computer again. Sorry, I have been away so long. I have missed reading your blogs. This morning I woke up early and decided to write a few things.

The first is that I am proud to say I have been really good at sticking to my goals for this year. I have been keeping a calendar and writing things down. I have spent more time reading, not only the scriptures, but also some other good books that I have wanted to read. I have kept my exercise goals (though some days I just didn't want to do it) and have lost about 3 pounds. A decent start considering that I have a long way to go and I want to keep it off. I am most thankful to Maura for her support. She has been one of the biggest reasons I have stayed with the exercise. It is great to have a buddy.

Second, I was really thrown for a loop by the calling to serve in the Nursery. This was the first time in my life that I really struggled to accept a call. I literally cried for days. It wasn't that I dislike being there, it was more that I had been looking forward to studying the Book of Mormon with Gospel Doctrine and I was really looking forward to the Joseph Smith RS lessons. I have served in other callings for so many years that I can't remember the last time I started and ended the year in SS and RS. When I was set apart for the nursery calling, I was given a wonderful blessing and I will say that I have been comforted by this. This past Sunday was my first week and I think things went pretty well. I find it ironic that I had just cleaned out my office in November and moved all my Primary stuff to the basement. Now I have to bring it all back upstairs!

Third, and most of all...thank you to all my friends who have been there to offer love and support. This is a big year for me. I have much to accomplish and I know that as I continue to work on my goals, I will see the fruits of my labor. I am thankful especially to Eric. He has always been a great support for me. I love him so much and can hardly believe that next month we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. Time flies when you are with the one you love.

With all that said, I will try to be more regular with my posts. I love blogging and I definately will need your support and encouragement throughout the coming year.


Patty said...

Sylvia, I am going to miss your presence in RS (I can't say I'll miss YOU in RS since technically you ARE still a part of RS!!And I'm going to keep reminding you of that!!)
The only thing that makes it easier is knowing that you are where the Lord needs you to be right now. You are such a blessing to each of us, and such a wonderful example.
Great job on sticking with the goals!

Pampered Princess said...

Sylvia, You rock! You are an awesome support for me and I love ya! I know you are going to do great on your exercise goals and get stronger and stronger!

As I write this I am picturing you and me on the floor last night trying out those exercise bands and laughing our heads off! Can it get any better than that???? :)

AJ said...

3#s!!!! That is awesome and it is only January. You go girl. Exercise is hard, especially on the days you really don't, I mean REALLY DON'T want to do it. But you did it and it will continue to pay off. It also helps to have a buddy. I myself, am sooo grateful for my sister. keep up the great work!

Mama D said...

Good to hear from you again. Hooray on keeping up with your goals!

So Ray and I had been married for a whole 2 months when you and Eric got married 21 years ago. Wow. Are we hitting middle age?! Nah... We're all still young at heart, right?!

Louann and Bari said...

I love you Sylvia- you are such an example for me. Keep up the good work on your exercise program. And about the nursery thing. I really understand. I was also really looking forward to the SS and RS lessons this year. I really love my cutie CTR's- but I miss the sisters too. You will rock as a Nursery leader!!!

Papa D said...

The children in the nursery will be blessed eternally for your willingness to accept this calling. I mean that sincerely.

chelle said...

Glad you are back...sort of. I know I have been the same way the last month. No time, energy or anything to write about for a good month or so.
We feel very blessed to have you in Primary. The kids feel your love for them and respond so well to you. Sorry you weren't in SS and RS for very long. =\
Thanks for your service!

Steve and Jamie said...

I was talking to someone the other day about how sometimes callings aren't always for us. Sometimes I think Heavenly Father gives us callings so that we can bless other people's lives. Then we are in turn blessed.

I'm sorry this has been a difficult move for you. We are SOOOO excited to have you back in primary, however. Those youngest nursery kids really need you. You have worked minor miracles the last few weeks. Thank you for being such a great example for me!